Semi-Truck Tire Checks Near You


      semi-truck tire service near you


      If you’re looking for truck tire service near you, stop by LubeZone Truck Lube Center. Our semi-truck oil change and service locations provide a range of services, including tire checks. Tire blowouts most commonly result from human error–or failing to properly maintain tire pressure and inflation. Another leading cause is driving on tires that are too worn down. When you get a blowout on the road, it poses a danger to both yourself and other drivers. Additionally, it results in lost time and money. You have to stop, find a tire replacement, and pay to have the work done. This impedes you from getting to your next location on time. But with the proper semi-truck tire service near you, you can mitigate these risks and keep driving safely.


      At LubeZone Truck Lube Centers, we check your semi-truck air pressure each time you visit.


      The Importance of Semi-Truck Tire Service


      The worst thing that can happen on the road is getting a blowout. You can lose control of your semi-truck, causing a major accident. Experts state that tire blowouts are the leading cause of truck accidents in America. These accidents can lead to damaged goods, injury, and even death. However, regular tire maintenance and tire checks can greatly reduce this risk.


      Since the leading causes of blowouts are incorrect tire pressure and over-worn tires, having them checked at each stop you make is the best way to prevent an accident. At LubeZone Truck Lube Center, we can check your tires each time you come in for service to ensure your semi-truck air pressure is correct. It’s a simple service that can make all the difference, keeping you, your product, and others safe.


      When you come in for a tire check, we will gauge the air pressure in each one of your semi-truck’s tires. It only takes one bad tire to cause an accident so a comprehensive evaluation is essential. If your tires are over- or under-inflated we will let you know immediately so that you can avoid a problem down the road.



      New Tire Alignment Service


      In addition to tire air checks, we are proud to announce our new tire alignment service. These are available at most LubeZone locations, so call to check your shop to see if the service is available near you or on your route. We provide a single-axle alignment for $100 and a 3-axle alignment for $225.



      The Importance of Axle Alignment for Semi-Trucks


      Ensuring that the axles on your semi-truck are properly aligned is essential for a smooth and safe ride. If your axles come too far out of alignment, it can pose a danger to you and other drivers on the road, leading to accidents. Additionally, when your axles are not properly aligned, your tires wear and tear more, decreasing their lifespan. This leads to more frequent tire purchases, which can add up to a lot of money. It can also impact how much fuel your semi-truck uses, another factor that impacts your bottom line.


      Having the front axle on your truck properly aligned is particularly important. If your front axle is not properly aligned it can affect how well your truck handles. It may not drive as smoothly and be more challenging to control when the axle is misaligned.


      Experts estimate that between 80% of tractors have an axle misalignment, while more than 90% of trailers are misaligned. This greatly increases your chance of accidents on the road and costs you quite a bit of money over the years. Each time you stop into LubeZone Truck Lube Center’s Baytown, Texas location, be sure to ask about our alignment service to avoid these risks and problems.


      Frequently Asked Questions


      Many semi-truck drivers are surprised when they hear that their tires are not properly inflated or that their axles are misaligned. However, the expert technicians at LubeZone Truck Lube Centers are trained to notice even the slightest irregularities.


      How does LubeZone ensure my tires have the correct air pressure?


      We will check your tires based on manufacturer specifications with our air gauge to ensure that they are at the proper levels. If your tires are inflated properly then everything is good to go! If not, we will take steps to correct the issue before you leave.


      If my tires are over-inflated, what will LubeZone do?


      If your tires are over-inflated our technicians will let air out of your tires, monitoring the pressure level with an air gauge until they are at the proper PSI.


      If my tires are too low on air pressure, what will LubeZone do?


      If your tires are too low on air pressure, we will refill them with air until they reach the proper PSI. Be sure to check them again at your next stop to ensure that you do not have a slow leak, as semi-truck air pressure can drop again if a leak is present.


      Why doesn’t LubeZone perform advanced tire services such as tire replacements?


      LubeZone Truck Lube Centers does not perform advanced semi-truck tire services such as replacements or tire rotation by design. As a PM full-service oil change location, we do this to ensure that our wait times remain short for all of our customers. It is by this design that we are able to offer a full-service oil change in just 30 to 40 minutes.


      At other facilities that may offer these services, you can get stuck in line behind someone who is receiving extensive work on their semi-truck and lose valuable time on the road. That’s never what we want here at LubeZone.