Semi Truck Air Checks & Alignments Near You

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For semi truck tire service, LubeZone has you covered. Our semi-truck oil change and service locations offer a range of preventative maintenance services, including air checks and alignments for your tires. These services are designed to keep your semi-truck in good condition and prevent costly and time-consuming repairs that hurt a trucker’s bottom line.

LubeZone’s Tire Alignment Services

LubeZone now offers tire alignments at select locations! Through our partnership with Hunter Engineering, we can quickly get an accurate assessment of your alignment. With WinAlign HD technology, we read your 3-axle wheel alignment in under three minutes. The software quickly detects the procedures that are specific to your model of truck, using its extensive vehicle database. Our experienced technicians will use this information to better service your truck. They will provide you with this information to aid you in identifying the cause of wear on your tires so that you can improve the safety and performance of your truck.

We provide a single-axle alignment for $100 and a 3-axle alignment for $225.

No Appointment Necessary

Our new alignment service is available at the following LubeZone locations:

Blowing out your tire can be dangerous, slow you down, and is an added expense for your trip. You may be delayed by having to repair a blown out tire and could end up not arriving at your final destination on time. Even worse, the tire blow out could result in an accident that puts you, other drivers, and your truck as well as its contents at risk.

Our Tire Alignment Service Helps Semi Trucks

  • Reducing wear on tires
  • Improving fuel efficiency
  • Saving money on tires
  • Reducing component wear
  • Spotting problems early for safer driving
  • Improving handling for smoother driving
  • Minimizing rolling resistance

With the right preventative maintenance, you can extend the life of your tires and minimize the number of flat tires you get while on the road. Therefore, semi truck tire service performed by a knowledgeable technician will save you time and money. Prevent the need for semi-truck tire repair by stopping by LubeZone today.

Air Checks for Tires

semi truck tire pressureProper inflation keeps your tires functioning optimally, which helps them last for their full lifespan and prevents you from having to replace them early. Improper tire pressure is the most common cause of tire blowouts. It is important not to overlook this important part of commercial truck maintenance that improves driver safety and saves you money.

Our knowledgeable technicians will carefully check your tire pressure against the manufacturer’s specifications, and if needed, the technician will take steps to put the tire pressure at the proper PSI. They will either let air out or further inflate the tire, depending on what you need.

If your tire pressure is low and your technician inflates the tire to the proper level, be sure to check your tire pressure at your next stop, which will help you determine if you have a leak. Come into LubeZone Truck Lube Centers Today!

Stop by LubeZone Truck Lube Centers for our semi truck tire services, including air pressure checks and axel alignment. Our friendly expert technicians work quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

No Appointment Necessary

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To keep your wait times short, we never perform advanced tire services like tire replacements or tire rotation. We know you need to arrive on time, and if you are stuck in line behind someone who is having extensive work done on their truck, that will cause you to lose your valuable time. That is how we ensure that we can offer you a full-service oil change in just 30 to 40 minutes. Stop by LubeZone today where fast is back!

The Importance of Semi Truck Tire Service

air check alignment Tire blowouts are the leading cause of truck accidents in the U.S. Proper tire maintenance prevents accidents by ensuring that your tires are functioning optimally, which protects you, other drivers, and your truck. Incorrect tire pressure and overly worn tires lead to tire blowouts.

Having your air pressure checked is a key part of preventative maintenance that will keep your tires functioning for thousands of miles and minimize your risk of a tire blowout.

When your wheels are not properly aligned, one consequence is that your tires wear out more quickly. At LubeZone, we understand the threat that deflated, worn tires pose to truckers, which is why we offer air checks and alignments to our drivers.